About me

I am Gaby del Mar, known in the underworld as Una Estrellita de Mar.

I am a daughter of broken lineages by colonization.

I come from maternal indigenous ancestors —from the Amazonian territory between Peru and Brazil— and paternal mixed blood of Italian immigrants who settled in the Colombian Caribbean between Barranquilla & Santa Marta. I grew up between both worlds: the Caribbean Sea and the Amazon River, but I was born in the Colombian Andes mountains.
My work focuses on the decolonization of new age spirituality and healing of colonial trauma through ancestral ways.
I've been working with different ceremonial elements, power plants and altars for 10+ years that led me to strengthen my own spiritual practice.

I have received initiations from the Q'ero community of the Peruvian Andes as an Andean priestess, bearer and guardian of the Andean Misha (Table), which I integrate into my spiritual work.
I have been a witch for many lifetimes...
 My call in this one has been to heal the wound of the inquisition, colonization and patriarchy, guiding other witches to do the same.
I work with nature spirits of different territories and allied plants of power.
As a researcher I am interested in curanderismo and witchcraft from different cultures.
I inherited knowledge from my Amazonian grandmothers, who —although colonized— understood very well about magic, plants, prayer, and communication with spirits.
In my personal work with ancestors, I also found a line of Italian women who used the Tarot... hence my great passion for this tool that I use and study.
I work with ancestral healing methods, which I seek to transmit respectfully, critically & in reciprocity with the communities where this knowledge comes from and with whom I work spiritually.
I have a professional degree in literature and have dedicated myself to creative writing, translating and editing books.

As a researcher of ancestral poetics and indigenous literature, I have created podcasts, workshops and content for one of my first children: Chaskis del Caribe a life project that we support with my partner.
I am also co-creator of Bruja Tropical , a virtual blog for witch artists where I write content in English and Spanish.
I am currently dedicated to being a mother as part of my spiritual path of a being that requires all my attention and therefore I am also focused on healing the maternal wound.

Through my own path I seek to support that of others in awakening times.
Thank you for resonating with my offerings and for reading my biography up to here.
I hope to see you soon.